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Daily Recovery Readings Start your day here with Daily Recovery Readings. Feel Free To Share Your Experience, Strength & Hope.

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December 15

Wisdom for Today

All those personality flaws and character defects do not need to last forever. I have seen many addicts and alcoholics find a way to solve these problems. I have certainly seen healing and change in my life. This is a process that takes time, and some of these characteristics are more resistant to change than others. I wasn't really sure just how to go about this change, but slowly over time three things occurred that brought about tremendous change in my life. What are these three things that happened you might ask. Well, let me see if I can describe the process and then tell you what happened.

First of all, I pulled myself together with a lot of help from my friends in the program. I had to be able to think straight in order to make the changes I needed to make. Where this change started was with personal honesty. I had to get honest with myself and with others. Not an easy process, but necessary if I was ever going to reclaim what I had lost - personal integrity! The second thing that occurred with the return of personal integrity was that I needed honestly to face my problems. I could no longer run from the truth. This is where the process of the Step Four inventory was so helpful. For the first time in a long time I could see where I really stood. This honest self-assessment showed me that I had strengths as well as weaknesses. Finally I could face the facts and not make excuses anymore for my behavior. This last step in the process brought me to a place of personal responsibility. Personal integrity, honest self-assessment, and personal responsibility were the things that recovery provided me and enabled changes to occur. Am I working to get these three gifts of recovery?

Meditations for the Heart

Why me? This is a question I have asked myself many times. I asked this when I was in trouble with my addiction to alcohol and drugs. I asked this question again early in recovery. Why me? Why did I have to get this disease? No one came to my school when I was growing up and asked me if I wanted to be an addict or an alcoholic when I grew up. I didn't volunteer for this disease saying, "Oh, please, I want to be a drunk." I asked the question again when look at all my character flaws and defects. I mean, wasn't it bad enough that I got this illness? Why did I have to suffer with these problems, too? After working with the steps for a while and finding a new sense of hope, I still asked the question, Why me? Why was I chosen to get a chance in recovery? Funny how the question changes with time! This in part is why the spiritual aspects of the program are so important. It allows God the opportunity to change the question. Do I see that I have been chosen and given a chance that many other addicts and alcoholics never get?

Petitions to my Higher Power

The path of recovery that You lead me on is not always easy. Many of the changes are hard. Still I know and trust that this is the right path and You will lead me each step of the way. Help me to work through all the issues I need to. Let me make needed changes, and grant me wisdom and courage along the way.
"No matter what you have done up to this moment, you get 24 brand-new hours to spend every single day." --Brian Tracy
AA gives us an opportunity to recreate ourselves, with God's help, one day at a time. --Rufus K.
When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. --Franklin D. Roosevelt
We stay sober and clean together - one day at a time!
God says that each of us is worth loving.
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